2022 Domaine Saint-Cyr "La Galoche" Rouge, Beaujolais, France

An absolutely easy-drinking Beaujolais but with a bit more heft than your average glou glou; there’s a bit more to talk about here. A little brambly, with floral aromas, hints of spice and of course some juicy raspberry and even a little blood orange.



The cuvée La Galoche is named after a small stream that runs by the property and represents the largest production from the domaine. More than anything, it represents the Beaujolais ideal of a delicious, joyful, and easy-to-drink Gamay wine. Cold Carbonic fermentation for one week. 6 months in concrete tanks. Bottled in March with less than 10 mg SO2. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.


Raphael Saint-Cyr is the fourth generation vigneron at the Domaine Saint-Cyr, which was created by his great-grandfather Pierre Saint-Cyr. The estate is located in Anse, found at the southern edge of the Beaujolais. When Raphael took over the winemaking in 2008, he let go of a large portion of Beaujolais vines around the winery and acquired vines further north in the crus of Morgon, Regnié, Chénas, and Moulin-à-Vent. Having seen his grandfather and uncle get sick from the chemicals used to treat their vines, Raphael was immediately convinced to convert the entire 23 hectare domaine to certified organic viticulture, making Domaine Saint Cyr one of the largest organic domaines in the Beaujolais.


Grape(s) Gamay
Farming Organic