Grassl Glass Carafe

Hand-blown glass from Switzerland perfect for decanting white, red, or sparkling wine. Can also be used for water carafe!


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Swiss design. Mouth-blown. Grassl Glass is pursuing traditional glass-making techniques with a focus on functional wine-centric glassware design.

Using an oxy-fuel-fired furnace melts glassmaking sand, soda, dolomite, potassium, potassium oxide, and recycled glass. The result is a 1700°C hot, lead-free molten mass resembling the composition of pure rock crystal.

Twenty years of glassmaking experience are required to consistently craft the Grassl Glass Collection. Five artisans are needed to produce a single-stemmed glass during the hot-shaping phase. Followed by a slow-cooling process with an additional five steps for finalization.

All Grassl Glass designs are based on core principles of functionality and usability. Whilst the Vigneron Series is built on the feedback of the most renowned winemakers today, the Elemental Series focuses on the absolute essentials of wine drinking.