2022 Jacky Marteau "Lulu" Sauvignon Blanc, Loire Valley, France

Crisp aromatics of pear, subtle grassy notes and soft minerals, that has a soft supple texture that isn't shy by any means and a juicy lingering finish with good cut.


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Rodolphe Marteau’s main focus is getting the best quality of grapes through various techniques such as spring de-budding, de-leafing, grassing through the vineyard, and green harvest for lowering yields. The winemaking then becomes simple. 1/3 of the Sauvignon Blanc production is macerated with skin to naturally bring down the acidity while adding body and fruit depending on the needs of the year. Then there is a gentle pressing with a pneumatic press, cooling maceration (bring the wine to cold temperature: 5°C) during 7 days, then kept under controlled temperature (17°C) for 3 or 4 weeks. The wine is aged on fine lees in stainless steel tanks and then bottled in December.


2010 was an important year for the winery as Jacky Marteau retired and left the estate to his son and daughter. After passing down his passion and his savoir-faire, he left them the keys to a winemaking domaine whose reputation for quality was already indisputable. It is up to them now to maintain that reputation, and to do even better! Whether it is Rodolphe, watching over every vine and every grape, or Ludivine, handling each bottle, each e-mail, they make up a complementary team and they love their work more and more each day.

Today, in 2015, at the onset of our sixth season flying “solo,” it is time to spread our wings and launch into our own passionate lives of encounters and exchanges, around a nice glass of Touraine wine, of course!


Grape(s) Sauvignon Blanc
Farming Sustainable