NV Jacky Navarre "Vieux" Pineau des Charentes, Cognac, France


Pineau des Charentes is made from his 6 year old Grand Champagne stock, some sweet grape must, and then put into barrel for thirty years.

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The 11-hectare Navarre estate – located entirely within Grande Champagne – was founded in 1811 and Jacky Navarre is a fourth-generation distiller. The majority of the estate is planted to Ugni Blanc and 1 hectare is reserved exclusively for the production of the regional apéritif, Pineau des Charentes. This fortified wine - made by blending Cognac with fresh, unfermented grape juice - is required to be aged for one year. However, Jacky ages his PdC for an unthinkable 29 years in cask! The result is one of the most beautiful and complex fortified wines you will ever taste.


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