L' Atelier Du Vin Gard'vin ON/OFF metal


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 This metal wine saver pump is a must-have when it comes to enjoying good wine!

When a bottle of wine is opened, air comes inside. If your bottle is not emptied and you wish to keep the wine for another day, and if you don’t pump the air out of the bottle, air will occidate your wine, aromas will be lost and taste will be affected.

In order to be able to enjoy the same bottle on a longer period of time it is important to remove the air out of the bottle. This will allow you to keep the wine for a longer time, without loosing its properties.

Do not feel obligated to finish a bottle of wine when you open it. With the metal wine saver pump Gard’vin ON/OFF Metal, you will have an elegant and efficient tool to remove the air from a bottle of wine. Can only be used in still wine, not sparkling.

Stoppers can be used and re-used easily. Just rinse them with water after they are used.

How to use the Gard’vin ON/OFF Metal ?

  1. Insert the ON/OFF stopper in the bottle of wine you wish to preserve
  2. Place the metal wine saver pump Gard’vin ON/OFF on top of the ON/OFF sealer
  3. Pump in order to extract the air out of the bottle. You will feel resistance once the air is out.
  4. Your wine is protected as soon as the red color indicator has disappeared.
  5. When  you are ready to drink your wine again, just pull the little tip of the sealer and the air will come in.
  6. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish.