L' Atelier Du Vin Oeno Collection 2


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Discover our wine gift box with accessories – Oeno Collection 2. This black box gift set includes products one must have for opening, serving and saving wine. Therefore, with its selection of design oriented gifts, L’Atelier du Vin gathers in one set products that can be used for either still or sparkling wines. Also, note the set made of hard cardboard is meant to be kept. Finally, use and re-use the wine tools as many times as it pleases you.

This set includes:

Chic Monsieur® . Wine opener. This curved metal bottle opener is designed like an arch upon the bottle’s neck. Use this expressive corkscrew with easy handling to open any bottle of wine. Its self-pulling system with a stainless steel worm, makes the removal of the cork effortless.

ON/OFF Gard’Vin® metal wine keeper and 1 stopper . The metal wine saver pump will help you to easily remove the air from an opened bottle of still wine. Moreover, the ON/OFF system is a color indicator fitted to the Gard’Vin® sealer. This will allow you to tell immediately whether or not your opened bottle is protected from the air.

Cork Opener. This sparkling wine cork opener is the simplest and safest way to easily open all types of champagne and sparkling wine bottles.

Pourer-leaf. This is a great open pourer that will oxygenates wine as soon as it comes out of the bottle. In other words, wine aromas are gently stimulated, thanks to the Aroma Lines and the shape of the leaf. Therefore, easily control the flow and pour the wine with elegance.

Chromed metal Foil Cutter. This simple and efficient professional tool will allow clean and effective cuts with its two circular hardened steel blades, the Foil Cutter cuts all foils cleanly in one simple movement.

Model 54 – this is a universal cork that will fit any wine bottle. It keeps intact both the aromas and the bubbles of your unfinished wines.