L' Atelier Du Vin Oeno Collection 4

Oeno Collection 4 is a nod to lovers of wine and fine things. This high-quality matt black collector’s sommelier box, in a miniature format, includes 2 unique and authentic oenological accessories.


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2 L’Atelier du Vin signature wine tools, designed with craftsmanship. 2 sommelier accessories exclusively devoted to the art of opening fine bottles of wine and champagne.

At the top lies the Soft Machine Dandy sommelier corkscrew. A special edition in stainless steel, brass and acetate, with brown reflections that play with the light and the beautiful gold hot-stamped letters of L’Atelier du Vin. Such elegance! Its curve forms a comma, as though to mark the interlude of a wine tasting session. It is assembled and finished by hand with a foil cutter and bottle opener included. Once the lever has been placed on the neck, the gear system ingeniously winds up to smoothly extract the cork in a single, effortless movement. A unique system and L’Atelier du Vin patented design.

At the bottom, a chrome champagne cork opener, with a surprisingly original opening mechanism. Simply position the jaw around the cork and rotate the handle, while gently applying pressure with the thumb or index finger. The cork comes free with disconcerting ease, without popping off, and remains inside the opener. This oenological curiosity is the safest and most practical way to open champagne bottles without losing a single drop.