Liquore delle Sirene "Americano Bianco", Lake Garda, Italy

Balanced between citrus, white flowers and the bitterness of the gentian, the finish also shows musk melon and woodsy spice.


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Handmade in small batches, blending wines from the Lake Garda area and single botanical macerations. The Americano Bianco is made from a base wine of Trebbiano di Lugana (genetically identical to Verdicchio) and shows the variety’s distinctive freshness on the palate.


Elisa Carta is the creator of the magical Liquori delle Sirene products. She inherited an enormous passion from Carlina, her paternal grandmother, from whom she learned the techniques for working and using botanicals and transform them into delicious liquors, bitter and amaro.

From her grandmother she learned gratitude for the wonderful products of the Earth and the knowledge of the plants themselves.

Elisa works her herbs with great love, patience and passion, inspired by Lake Garda, its colors and its scents. In her products she lets the Nature speaking without any compromise or artifice..


Grape(s) Trebbiano di Lugana
Farming Organic