2020 MAAL "Biutiful" Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

The MAAL Biutiful is a lovely Malbec without all the heavy makeup and frills. Scents of dark berries and licorice, flavors of dark fruit and spices. Unoaked for a medium bodied wine that is easy drinking and approachable.



Hand harvested. Fermented with indigenous yeast in inert vessels.


MAAL Wines was born from a friendship nourished by a common passion for winemaking, viticulture, and Malbec. In 2010, a microvinification of six barrels from grapes sourced at an abandoned vineyard in Vistaflores gave rise to this project. In 2013, Alfredo Merlo and Matias Fraga's passion for making Malbec became more serious and MAAL Wines was officially born. MAAL Wines’ mission is to produce only Malbec wines that are expressive and that reflect a balance between the soul of a vineyard and the personality of the winemakers.


Grape(s) Malbec
Farming Traditional