2016 Marie Courtin Champagne "Concordance" Extra Brut. Champagne, France

Excellent balance between pure fruit and mineral detail. 100% Pinot Noir which is vinified with native years for the initial fermentationand bottled without sulfur. This is a splendid natural Champagne full of red fruit and Pinot spice.



Champagne Concordance 2016 by Marie Courtin is a blend of 100% Pinot Noir; from grapes grown in Polisot village, in Côte des Bar.

The grapes are selected according to what is known as "massal selection"; i.e. a vine breeding technique that aims to preserve their intra-varietal genetic variability, and to obtain highest quality grapes in order to keep intact the distinctive features of the vineyard and its relationship with the terroir.

Champagne Concordance 2016 vinifies in steel tanks, is bottled without sulphites and the final dosage is within the parameters of Extra Brut.

Millésime 2016, this Blanc de Noirs represents perfectly the Côte des Bar terroir: the Kimmeridgian soil conveys an excellent structure with intense sapidity and minerality; Pinot Noir with its violets and red fruits aromas, and spicy and pungent finish, is pure energy and vibration.


Dominique Moreau named her estate after her grandmother, Marie Courtin, whom she describes as a “woman of the earth”. With the 2005 vintage, Dominique set out to produce a series of single-vineyard, single-variety, single-vintage, zero-dosage Champagnes from biodynamically-grown grapes that are farmed and elaborated with meticulous care.

Spirituality plays an important role in her approach. Specifically, she uses pendulums to aid in evaluating the evolution of the grapes on the vine as well as the wine during élévage. She explains that the pendulum changes its natural rhythm and swing based on the energy emitted from a living being, whether person, vineyard, or wine.

Dominique’s compelling Champagnes are electric and chiseled, with an intense brininess and minerality at their core.


Grape(s) Pinot Noir
Farming Biodynamic