2020 Matías Riccitelli Malbec "The Party", Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina

It's a very drinkable Malbec, with aromatic intensity, good ripeness and with the freshness of the vineyards from the Valle de Uco from where the grapes are sourced. It has fine tannins and a tender mouthfeel, dry and serious but approachable.



The grapes come from the Uco Valley. Using gravity, we fill the open top tanks with a majority of whole bunches, delivering powerful floral character and berries. This Malbec is fresh and intense, where the typicity created in the vineyard becomes elegance in the wine.


The Winery is settled in the heart of Vistalba, in the region of Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza. Today Riccitelli Wines manages 20 hectares, divided in three different vineyards at the foot of the Andes Mountains between 980 and 1120 m.a.s.l. Most of those vineyards were planted at beginning of 20th century.

The grapes are cultivated in a very traditional way maintaining very low yields thanks to hand pruning and green harvest. These techniques allow for us to obtain ecologically fit and high quality grapes.
Harvest is performed manually in small trays of 20 Kilos in order not to damage the grapes.

After being sorted the grapes are sent to small concrete tanks with a temperature controled system.
This is a young and dynamic project, in which Matias wants to express the full potential of Argentine Terroirs while making top wines with constant care and personal style – essential elements for great quality – Riccitelli Wines combine a high level of technology, the richness of the native soil of their vineyards, and new winemaking in Argentina.


Grape(s) Malbec
Farming Organic