Mimolette, cow's milk, Normandy, France, 0.5lb

Cow's Milk cheese from Normandy, FR! Sweet, caramelized depth and smooth, fudgy finish.


This hardy cheese from France couldn't be more different from its neighbor Camembert. Looking like a cratered, dusty cannonball, Mimolette is infamously difficult to open for its super-hard, craggy countenance. Inspired by Dutch Edam, it has since gone in a unique direction; the appearance and floral aroma of the rind is the work of tiny mites, specially evolved to cheese. The French call them tiny affineurs for their important role in the aging process. Its electric-orange paste has sweet, caramelized depth and smooth, fudgy finish, maybe a little Calvados will help you forget about the bugs.

Because of the natural malty richness, it pairs well with beverages that emphasize its creamy character. Try oak-aged ales or stouts. Rustic wines with notes of earth counter its intensity nicely: French Malbec, Carignan, or Cabernet Sauvignon will do the trick.

Pronunciation: Mim-oh-Let