2019 Moretta "Carigno del Maule", Valle del Maule, Central Valley, Chile

Abundant notes of raspberry and cherries, extremely floral and fresh, with lingering notes of tobacco. On the mouth is a very fruity wine, fresh and consistent with the nose. It has an intense acidity that prolongs its sensation in the mouth.



The grapes were harvested March 1 when they reached its optimum phenolic maturity. This wine was vinified in stain steel tank. The grape is destemmed and selected, part of the grape is slightly cracked to subtly release its juice. It begins with a cold maceration of 3 days. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out with wild yeast, we made soft pump overs to homogenize the contents of the tank. Temperatures are controlled so it reach not more than 24-25 °C. Once the alcoholic fermentation is done, skins, seeds and wine are kept an extra 8 days. The free run and pressing wine were blended. The aging was made in fifth use French oak barrels (225L capacity) for 12 months.


The winemakers, Natalia Poblete and Maria José Ortuzar, behind Moretta Carignan are the first female winemakers in the entire country of Chile. Carigno del Maule is born in the interior dry land of Maule, Cauquenes, Chile. Coming from 80-year-old vineyards on average growing in dry farm bush vines system, this vineyard, property of Guzman Family, is settled on a granite soil with a high presence of quartz, located 35 kilometers away from the coast. This terroir represents the expression of this variety in its splendor.


Grape(s) Carignan
Farming Organic