2019 Ngeringa Pinot Noir Mont Barker Summit, Adelaide Hills, Australia

Ngeringa did an excellent job with this Pinot which exhibits vibrant lifted red fruit aromas along with fine herbal spice and earth largely derived from the carbonic maceration. It's textured and supple and would fit right in at a backyard BBQ.



From the estate Summit Vineyard, east-facing, collecting more of the morning sunlight and less of the intense afternoon heat. The altitude ranges between 330m and 360m above sea level consisting of sandy loam over red-orange clay, sandstone and ironstone. The grapes for this wine come predominantly from the upper and lower sections of the Summit Vineyard. The entire farm is certified Biodynamic, farming with the rhythms of nature, without the use of synthetic chemical inputs, and working towards a self-sustaining farming system.

The Pinot Noir is gently hand harvested into small 15kg crates and carefully tipped into one stainless steel fermenter, aiming to keep the maximum amount of berries in-tact for a true carbonic maceration. The grapes are allowed to steep for 7 days before a gentle pressing into well seasoned French barriques where the wines mature for about 11 months. A small dose of sulfur is added at blending, just prior to bottling. No enzymes, no fining, no filtration.


Husband and wife Erinn and Janet Klein met at Adelaide University, both pursuing studies in wine (Erinn in oenology and Janet in viticulture). They purchased their biodynamic farm on Mount Barker in southern Adelaide Hills in 2001, the year in which they planted the first vines on the site. The farm, previously part of the world-renowned Jurlique herb garden, has been certified biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia for over twenty years.

The name Ngeringa means “place of she-oak” in the Aboriginal language of the original nation of their region, and refers to their native needle tree. Ngeringa bases all its branding and imagery on its relationship to the land: the logo makes the shape of Mount Barker summit and their icon (pictured on the next page) is a circle representing the full moon, making reference to the BD practice and the working with the rhythms of nature, with the she-oak inside of it.

The farm itself is an impressive undertaking. Ngeringa is passionate about ecological, biodynamic wine growing and everything they do and have created revolves around this belief. This ideology is realized in small, closely planted vines, a simple, straw bale winery, a farm – entwined with the vineyard – of Scottish Highland cows, sheep and chickens, an abundant paddock of veggies and extensive revegetation plantings. Most great restaurants in Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, and the city of Adelaide not only rely on Ngeringa for their delicious, sustainable wines, but also for their organic produce.

The wines themselves are a pure lens into what is happening in the vineyard: minimal intervention, spontaneous fermentations, no additives (besides a small amount of sulfur), and gentle handling create wines of vitality, depth of flavor, and delicacy.


Grape(s) Pinot Noir
Farming Biodynamic