2021 Nortico Alvarinho, Minho, Portugal


Creamy citrus oil, lime and yellow apple notes are nicely spiced and detailed with saline mineral and floral underpinnings through the long finish.



Nortico vineyards are located on the southern banks of the Minho river. The vines are tended in granite soil at 20 - 250 m (68-820 ft) elevation. Although it rains a lot (2,000 ml annually) the slightly inland area is a little warmer than the coastal plantings, which allows for perfect ripening. Grapes are selected at the winery and experience a long, cool fermentation. Racking, primary filtration and cold stabilization. Four months in stainless steel, filtration prior to bottling in February.


Nortico’s birthplace is known for the local dedication to traditional crafts, and the label design reflects azulejos, the hand-painted tiles covering buildings all over this region. Ask anyone for the best Alvarinho in Portugal and people will point to the extreme north in the sub-region of Moncao and Melgao, right on the border with Spain. Nortico Alvarinho is a superb example of the grape's hallmarks: fresh citrus, peach and tropical aromas paired with clean, juicy fruit and vibrant minerality.

Nortico is produced on the south bank of the Minho River in plots so small they are called "Jardins", gardens in Portuguese. Soils here are granite and schist, and although it rains a lot (2,000 ml annually) the inland area is a little warmer than the coastal plantings, which allows for perfect ripening. Nortico is “farm-to- table": sourced from these 100+ tiny plots of Alvarinho planted in the early 20th century and continues to be farmed by hand. This area is just over the border from Galicia, and produces the best Alvarinho in Portugal.


Grape(s) Alvarinho
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