NV Dehours "Oeil de Perdrix" Extra-Brut, Vallée de la Marne, Champagne, France

Pinot Meunier - a varietal that is often seen as the poor cousin to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but creates delightfully fruitful wines. Red berries, raspberry, a hint of rosehip on the nose and notes of bay leaf and rosemary throughout the palate.



Oeil de Perdrix is the name given to very pale rosé wines. This blended rosé reveals the Pinot Meunier character, favorite grape-variety in the Marne Valley area and iconic identity of our vineyard. This is a fresh and fruity Rosé. Stainless steel for fermentation and aging on the lees. Natural clarification, no filtration. Bottled aged for 22 months.


Dehours was founded by Jérôme’s grandfather Ludovic in 1930. It was Jérôme’s father Robert who developed the estate and began a new activity of trading in grapes. Jérôme knew that he wanted to be a grower, studying first in Beaune and then at the viticultural school in Avize. Tragically, his father Robert passed away suddenly at the age of 50, in 1987. Jérôme was just 21 years old and was not ready to take on the responsibility of the domaine.

Jérôme Dehours farms 42 different vineyards in three distinct villages on the southern side of the Marne River. Jérôme’s 14.5 hectares are split between the villages of Mareuil-la-Port, Oeuilly, Cerseuil and Troissy, in this quiet corner of the Marne. This area is just south of the Marne river at Châtillon-sur-Marne and Cuisles, where Cédric Moussé produces his exquisite wines. This area, the Vallée de Flagot, is named for the small river which has carved out a winding valley called Le Flagot, to meet the Marne River.


Grape(s) Pinot Meunier
Farming Sustainable