NV La Nevera Rosado Box Wine, Rioja, Spain - 3L

If you like youthful wines that are vibrant and uncomplicated, this bright, zesty Provence-style rosé will charm you! Enjoy aromas of rose petal, cherry and strawberry. Perfect to drink on its own, La Nevera Rosado also pairs well with salads, charcuterie, cheese, seafood, Chinese BBQ pork and Indian food.


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After harvest, the grapes are pressed directly without any skin contact to keep the tannins away and its color as pale as possible. Fermentation and maturation takes place in stainless steel tanks for about one month.


La Nevera is a fun, delicious wine produced from sustainably grown grapes in central northern Spain. La Nevera comes in a box-wine format. The advantages of box wine are many. In addition to the savings of glass, corks, etc. the greatest advantage is the fact that once you open the box the wine does not go bad and stays in perfect form for up to one year when stored properly. La Nevera is produced from Monchi's estate own vineyards. Monchi's family has been farming grapes for many generations.


Grape(s) Garnacha
Farming Sustainable