L' Atelier Du Vin Oeno Motion Wood & Chrome

The compact vertical-lever corkscrew was designed to ensure the quick and easy uncorking of wine bottles. Secure and comfortable grip. Integrated foil cutter. Spare spiral in treated steel. Alloy, solid walnut and synthetic materials.


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 The beautiful metal chrome and solid wood finish perfectly complement its curved design, revealing a smooth mechanism. The Oeno Motion Wood & Chrome vertical lever corkscrew is a L’Atelier du Vin signature oenological accessory and, above all, a powerful wine tool, perfected year after year.

In particular, the metal selected for the wear parts offers unparalleled long-term resistance, making all the difference compared to other systems vulnerable due to their screws and gears. This is how our patented Oeno Motion model has become the ergonomic and reliable corkscrew that oenologists, sommeliers, and wine merchants use daily.

Integrated capsule cutter. Jaw designed to grip bottle necks of various diameters. Spiral steel worm. Solid lever handle, easy to grip. Each part of the Oeno Motion Wood & Chrome corkscrew has been designed to facilitate hand movements and secure opening with astonishing simplicity.

While the jaw firmly grips the bottle neck, a back-and-forth motion of the vertical lever is all it takes to effortlessly open the bottle, without any surprises. The same movement, done empty-handed, releases the cork from the worm without even touching it. A true collector’s item, this model patented by L’Atelier du Vin can be customized with the initials of its future owner, making it your personal wine tool, with unique wood grain on each piece: your own lever wine opener.