2020 Peter Lauer "Fass 3" Ayler Riesling Feinherb, Mosel, Germany

Fass 3' is that electric, ever-so-slightly off-dry Saar Riesling we love: bright notes of juicy tangerine and nectarine are focused and practically shimmer on the palate. A lively pairing for ceviche, fried chicken, and salty snacks.



Another village level off-dry, this is sourced from various parcels on the “Grand Cru” Kupp – as such this is more the equivalent of “Senior,” in a Feinherb style. In other words, it is a “Grand Cru,” declassified and sold at village-level pricing. Most of the sites are east facing on the summit of the Kupp which gets the first rays of morning sun. This tends to be a bit deeper and broader-shouldered than the Fass 4; it has more mineral complexity and more depth. The analytics are similar to the Fass 4, so expect lightning bolts and some dizziness.

In 2020 this wine is classically Feinherb in style, 34.8 g/l of RS, an electric 9.4g/l of acidity and 9.5% alcohol.


Since 1830, viticulture has been carried out in the Könen/Lauer house in Ayl on the Saar. Winegrower Matthias Lauer married the daughter of Matthias Könen in 1904 and took over the winegrowing business in 1913. Lauer added his vineyard holdings to it.

Peter Lauer (I) was born in 1906. After completing his apprenticeship in growing and grafting vines, he took over the family winery in 1938 and led it through the troubled times of the Nazi era and beyond. Peter Lauer (II) was born in 1949.

In 1956, Weingut Peter Lauer experienced a decisive expansion: through the purchase of the renowned Weingut Notar Tappen-Mungenast in Saarburg, Lauer added well-placed parcels in “Neuenberg” and “Untersten Berg” within Ayler Kupp, as well as a choice parcel in “Feils.”

In 1973, Peter Lauer (II) took over the estate with vineyards in the best sites on the Saar in the greater Mosel region. Since 2006, father Peter and son Florian have been working together in the vineyard and cellar, relying on handpicked, vegan, and sustainable still wines, sparkling wines, and crémants made exclusively from Riesling.