2017 Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos Red Label, Hungary - 500ml

A delightful nose of honey and peaches, delicate and graceful on the palate with traces of spice and citrus fruit. Very elegant and refreshing with a crisp, long finish, perfectly balanced.


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The excellent quality Aszú berries achieved perfect botrytis and were soaked in fermenting must and macerated together for two days. After pressing and fermenting the wine to the perfect balance, it was transferred to an underground cellar for two year barrel maturation in 300 and 500 liters second and third used oak barrels. The final blends were carefully crafted in the spring of 2020.


The Royal Tokaji Wine Company, founded in Hungary in 1990, has become one of the most defining wineries in Tokaj. From the outset, Royal Tokaji decided to concentrate on producing single-vineyard wines, made from the first growth vineyards of Mézes Mály, Nyulászó, Szt. Tamás and Betsek. Acknowledged as one of the region's top winemakers, combining traditional techniques with modern technology to create the award-winning Royal Tokaji range of wines. Royal Tokaji is the acknowledged leader of the renaissance of this legendary Hungarian wine, which, in the words of the wine author and company co-founder Hugh Johnson, is "a wine that would make angels sing out loud in praise".

Royal Tokaji was inspired and founded by Hugh Johnson, the noted author and wine historian, whose goal was to revive and bring back to international acclaim the wines of one of history’s most renowned wine regions. Royal Tokaji remains in private ownership and today our wines are exported to more than 30 countries.

Hungarian wine is worth a try for any adventurous wine lover! This dessert wine is a perfect ending to a satisfying meal.


Grape(s) Furmint
Farming Traditional