The Spotted Trotter, Soppressata, 3oz Sliced

Sliced 3oz package. Traditional Italian-style cured beef from Spotted Trotter in Georgia. Garlic and red wine salami, one of the most easily recognizable of the Italian varieties.


From The Spotter Trotter, local to Atlanta:

"We Make Good Food the Right Way."

It is our passion to always provide our clientele with exquisite balance in flavor, price, and sustainability. All of our ingredients are purveyed with responsibility in mind. We make the food you eat the food you love because it is handled with the utmost respect – from the farmer that produced it to your dining table.

Farming & Slaughter

Responsible animal husbandry and local farming is very important to us. When it comes to the meat you consume, it is paramount that you have an understanding of the symbiotic relationship that exists when animals are domesticated. When done right, farmers provide shelter and reliable feed, and in return, the animal gives up its life so that we may survive.

In Good Taste

Whether it’s the cilantro in a crepinette or the fat used for lardo, every taste you experience is affected by the environment in which it was developed. When the finest products are procured, they take on a power of their own. Then, when combined properly, all of the components delicately work together to marry their flavors, mature and bloom.

Knowledge is Power

Cooking is an art; a cerebral pleasure that you taste with your eyes first and then with your nose, and finally, with your mouth. Even the best tasting food can fail to reach its potential if you’re unsure of what to do with it. We’ll teach you ways in which to use your charcuterie and help you experience the food in the best way you can.