The Art of Caramel Mini Fiori & Salt Caramel Popcorn, USA - 2 oz


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Fiori & Salt was born from the imaginations of owners Alycia & Taylor. Wanting a salted caramel popcorn unlike anything else, they looked to their favorite destination, Italy, for inspiration.

Using 11 different dried Italian flower petals and zests hand mixed for Art of Caramel, they played around with flavors and textures. What we have today is the perfect marriage of smooth warm caramel, aromatic floral notes of chamomile, yarrow and marigold and crispy flaky Maldon salt.

Literally spring in a bag, consider this your invitation to snack in luxury while share with someone you love, or indulge yourself in an experience like no other, and have a sparkling beverage on hand!

Each bags is hand packed with full fluffy pieces of caramel popcorn in a crystal clear recycle #5 bag.