2019 Vina Echeverria "Propuesta", Curico Valley, Chile

Combining elegant and classic Cabernet Sauvignon with juicy and flavorsome Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Delightful drinking, this smooth wine, full of ripe fruit flavors from Chile’s fertile sun-drenched soils, is for savoring happy moments.



Roberto Echeverría Jr has been the Chief Winemaker at Viña Echeverría since 2001. Inspired by his French heritage, Roberto’s signature style produces wines with a combination of Old World elegance and New World energy. More European viticultural techniques include timely harvesting to avoid over ripeness and therefore good balance and control of alcohol levels. The focus is on French varietals, barrels and yeasts, as well as longer fermentation and aging in barrels and diverse blending.


The Echeverría family came to Chile in the 1750s, from a little town called Amezqueta in the Basque region of Spain. They established agricultural properties in the north of Santiago, where they planted vineyards, among other crops. Some 200 years later in 1930, Roger Piffre de Vauban, a French Engineer from Montpellier, and Roberto Echeverria's maternal grandfather, travelled to Chile and hence to Chile’s Curicó Valley, some 200km south of the capital Santiago. Here he planted ungrafted vines from pre-phylloxera French origin on an expanse of land called La Estancia, in a little town called Molina. In the early 1950s, after developing diverse industries, Roberto Echeverría Rubio, established a vineyard and winery also in Molina, encouraged by the family relationship with the ongoing winery at the La Estancia estate.

In 1979 Roberto decided to return to Chile to continue his family tradition in winemaking, and to focus on emerging new market trends and opportunities.

Today Viña Echeverría, Roberto together with his four children, Paulina, Viviana, Roberto and Diego 65 hectares of sustainably farmed vineyards in Chile’s Central Valley are planted, tended and harvested by the Echeverría family. Roberto Echeverria is still very active in the family business and continues to inspire the whole family to develop new projects and delight new customers.


Grape(s) Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc
Farming Sustainable