2020 von Winning "Kirchenstück" Riesling Grosses Gewächs, Pfalz, Germany

Kirchenstück GG is sheltered on the edge of Forst and is Germany's most valuable vineyard. Spontaneously fermented in 500l oak barrels and matured on the yeast for 1.5 years. Monumental Riesling with great power and dignity.



A particularly unique microclimate distinguishes the Kirchsenstück. The site is directly adjacent to the Forster Church (Kirche is German for church) and is surrounded by a knee-high sandstone wall. The warmth radiated from these constructions benefits the vines. They also direct airflow into the vineyard creating a warm, dry air current that drives out moisture and cold in the evening. The east to southeast-facing vineyard is located at 120 to 140 metres a.s.l. and has a gentle 5 to 10 % slope gradient. The soils of the GL KIRCHENSTÜCK are diverse and vary from basalt and sandstone to limestone rubble and clay with a thick lay1er of clay in the middle section and a water-storing limestone plate two metres under the surface.

Spontanenous fermentation in 500L barrels, left on the gross lees for 24 months.


The fact that this estate is crafting some of the very best dry wines in Germany is no fluke, rather a result of nearly obsessive winemaker Stephan Attman’s commitment to both dedicated cultivation of Deidesheim and Forst’s best sites and meticulous work in the cellar. Von Winning maintains some of the oldest parcels in Grosses Gewächs vineyards smattered across Forst, Deidesheim, and Ruppertsberg. Attman’s every decision is informed by great enthusiasm and experiences at estates in the Cote d’Or and abroad. For example, Attman’s newer vines are planted at a very high vine density- 9500 vines per hectare, as opposed to the typically under 5000. This creates competition amongst the vines, forcing the roots to grow deep, naturally reducing yields. Attman has adopted the single cane trellising system, prevalent in Burgundy, and Grosses Gewächs wines ferment in 500mL French barrels. Von Winning practices organic and sustainable viticulture.

Attman describes his winemaking as “not doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.” The estate’s premium wines are treated with a minimalist approach and with the highest respect in the cellar. Gentle clarification, natural and spontaneous fermentation and the abandonment of fining agents create wines with a distinctive indigenous and very elegant style. Pumping the juice or wine is never necessary in the gravity flow winery, allowing for minimal, and gentle vinification.


Grape(s) Riesling
Farming Organic