2020 Weingut Keller Nierstein "Hipping" Riesling Grosses Gewachs, Rheinhessen, Germany

Refreshingly perfumed citrus, ripe apple and dextrose flavors and a hint of tobacco leafs. Juicy, round and elegant with very precise, concentrated and lingering salinity. Everything a classic, wood-fermented Riesling of the highest quality has to have.



Keller has made a small foray into the (once) more famous northern Rheinhessen, after sparking a revolution in his home village. Specifically a slope of vines called the “Roter Hang” (the “red slope,” so named because of the red soils). This is perhaps the more famous “big brother” to the Hügelland, yet there has been a wanting for wines of finesse and balance from this region. Now Pettenthal and Hipping, legendary sites of true renown, are receiving the Keller treatment and yielding superb wines in dry and off-dry form


"If you want to produce fine wine, you have to know what fine wine is all about. So the first thing you have to do is travel and drink the world's finest wines. The second, work on your vineyards meticuously." So says Klaus-Peter Keller, the proprietor of Weingut Keller, arguably the top estate in all of Germany. And we couldn't agree more.

Keller's wines are some of the most sought after, and difficult to get, wines on the market today. Jancis Robinson has described his Rieslings as the "Montrachets of Germany". Not only does he make world class dry, off-dry and sweet Rieslings, but he also makes beautiful wines from "lesser" grapes such as Sylvaner and Scheurebe. Keller also pays just as much attention and puts just as much love into his everyday wines as he does to his Grosses Gewächs (Grand Cru) bottlings.


Grape(s) Riesling
Farming Organic