Roberto Voerzio

It has been YEARS since I last tasted the fascinating wines of Roberto - so long that I almost forgot about my healthy obsession hehe. The wines are finally back in GA and I COULD NOT be happier. A legend in the making, a visionary, a producer who will be talked about for generations to come... we are so lucky to have him and his wines.

When I think about wine made in perfection, Roberto ALWAYS comes to mind. His pursuit for the perfect bunch, his commitment to quality, and the search for the best expression of his terroir are unparalleled. Take the time to read a bit about each wine and discover the fascinating work of this LIVING LEGEND, Roberto Voerzio.

Like every Grand winemaker Voerzio believes that 99% of the work to make great wine is in the vineyards.

He owns some of the best sites in the heart of Barolo. He practices high-density planting which forces the vines to look for water, root system has to work hard. The more the vine suffers the better the grape will be.

In addition, he also works with extreme green harvest and has been called out for years by his neighbors for doing so. But once you taste his wine you can understand why he will lose 75% more crop to make the very best. He's only able to harvest 0.500gr - to 1.5kg per plant

Intensity, Balance, Seduction


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