2019 Buehler Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California

The wine is brimming with fruit aromas and flavors biased to the black fruit end of the Cabernet spectrum: plums, blackberry, and black currant. Rich and fullbodied on the palate, this Cabernet drinks well on release but will soften and develop with additional age.

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The 2019 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is crafted from Cabernet Sauvignon grown on the estate hillside vineyards (30%) in conjunction with grapes from other mature, high-quality, low-yielding Napa Valley vineyards located on the valley floor. Comprised of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, the blend produces a wine that displays a broad spectrum of aromas, flavors, and textures that Cabernet can show in Napa Valley.

The 2019 growing season was notable for the generous late rains that made for robust spring growth. Summer saw few heat spikes and the warm days were tempered by many foggy mornings. A long growing season, 2019 will be remembered for providing extended hang time that resulted in intensely flavored fruit with good natural acidity for those winemakers who exercised patience. Following a seven-day fermentation, the wine was transferred to barrels before initiating the malolactic fermentation; keeping the wine “dirty” when young greatly increases the impression of roundness and smoothness in the finished wine. It was then racked four times in the first year of aging to encourage aromatic and tannin development, and aged a total of 18 months in a blend of French and American oak barrels.


John Buehler, Sr. and his son, John, began the renovation of the property that would become Buehler Vineyards in 1971. Located six miles east of St. Helena and nestled in the mountains above Conn Valley, Buehler Vineyards encompasses some 300 acres of Napa Valley hillside terrain. After a quarter of a century of growing grapes and over 20 years of winemaking from those vines, their focus remains on varietals that are best suited to this site: Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.

They are dedicated to honesty, quality and family. Their goal is to combine meticulous vineyard management and minimal winemaking techniques to create wines of uncommon complexity and depth and to present these wines to consumers at fair and reasonable prices.


Grape(s) Cabernet Sauvignon
Farming Traditional